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1:1 Programs

Cynthia offers customized programs based on your needs to help you:

  • stop the overwhelm of researching all the things... learn simple and effective ways to implement natural methods to manage your health
  • get out of stress and anxiety... so you can feel more calm and relaxed
  • stop feeling like you're an emotional wreck... be more present and enjoy your life more
  • stop neglecting your health... and feel happier and healthier in all aspects of your life
  • no longer feel like you have to say “yes” to everyone and everything... and finally, put yourself at the top of the list
  • recharge your batteries so you can stop being drained and run down... and start feeling more energetic
  • get out of overdrive and off the rollercoaster of "to do"... in order to stay in the flow and have more fun
  • avoid burning out and getting ill... to save time and money so you can enjoy all that life has to offer you 

All programs include Cynthia's "Exquisite Client Care" System: 

  • Highly focused and supportive 40-minute Coaching/Healing sessions 
    typically within the first three full weeks of the month to allow for processing and implementation.
  • Self Paced Ecourses 
    so you can build your natural health knowledge base and implement new tools and perspectives for solidifying healthy habits.
  • Call Strategy tool 
    that helps you prepare for your call, to get us completely focused so that you can derive the most value from your session. 
  • Post-Session Recap tool
    for immediate accountability and insight, to let you fully integrate your coaching experience and important take-aways from the session, so you can create new habits more quickly 
  • Access to Coach
    in an online client log between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching, where you can communicate your challenges, questions, breakthroughs, and successes so you can keep the momentum going
  • Private Client Portal
    to keep all of your notes, forms and correspondence organized for your convenience so you can retrieve what you need to get better results faster
  • Additional Resources
    exercises, tools, templates, etc, for added benefit on your personal health journey.

3 Month
Coaching Program

6 Month
Healthy Habits
Coaching Program

12 Month Total Transformation
Coaching Program