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In 2010, I began a quest to remove the majority of toxins from my home, which began with our household cleaners. Using essential oils for effective, non toxic cleaning quickly lead to using them for emotions and everyday wellness. They are safe, easy to use and save us A LOT of money on health care. I also intend for you to feel at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils and other healthy living products around every member of the family – children and pets as well!

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Let's begin by visiting the most FAQ's that come to me around Essential Oils.


dōTERRA® Essential Oils can be used for:

  • relaxation
  • personal hygiene
  • household cleaning
  • cooking
  • supporting healthy bodies
  • enhancing mood
  • processing emotions
  • and much more...

After a year of research, I decided only dōTERRA® Essential Oils were going to be used in our home because they are:

Are you new to essential oils? Reserve your 30 min complimentary consultation- ask your questions and receive safe usage recommendations. Of course, you don't have to buy anything, but if you do find something you want I can help you order. You will be in experienced, capable, invested, supportive and caring hands working with me.
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There are 3 primary methods:

  1. AROMATIC-  Inhale from the bottle, place a drop in your palms, rub together and inhale from cupped hands, or use a difffuser: a fine mist disperses tiny molecules of the essential oils into the air. The primary benefits are purifying the air, supports breathing airways, enhances mood, reduces stress and emotional processing. 

  2. TOPICAL- Apply essential oils directly to the area of concern is of great benefit to our body systems and cells. Dilute them with fractionated coconut oil when applying to the skin for maximum efficacy and safety. 

  3. INTERNAL- I only trust doTERRA essential oils for this (or any) method of use, because of the transparent testing processes and indigenous sourcing of the oils which are distilled properly for medicinal use. This method benefits digestive systems, cellular health, healthy inflammatory response and so much more.




It gives me great joy and satisfaction to guide others in their natural health path. I will always honor your story, what it is that you're seeking, and ensure that you know the best options available and how to use them. 

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  • My coaching clients receive exclusive access to a library of Essential Oil E-courses on various topics such as Digestion, Stress, Pets, Children, Women & Men's Health, Physical Activity and more.

  • I am available for a 30 minute complimentary consultation to address your top 3 wellness concerns and assist you in discovering how essential oils will benefit you.

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To home in on which oils will benefit you most to begin, it's best to have a complimentary consultation or fill out a Vitality Survey for customization to your most relevant and pressing needs.

I have found that most people choose to start with the Healthy Home Package, which will strengthen your immune system, makeover your cleaning regimen, detoxify your bathroom cabinet, promote rest and relaxation and assist with most things that often sneak up on us overnight.



Buying essential oils is a life changer. WHERE and WHO you buy your oils from should be considered, for this is for your overall improved well-being. I have been given the gift of guiding hundreds of people on their path to natural living, and I would be honored to do this for you, too.

There are 3 OPTIONS to get the best essential oils into your home and begin learning how they will enhance your life.

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  3. If you're more of a 'save money' type of person, you'll want to get started with a package of essential oils HERE for the very best savings.
    OR Select a premade pack of one of the most popular starter collections here: 
    Home Essentials + Roller Bottle Kit start your journey of using essential oils Aromatically, Topically and Internally for integrative wellbeing
    Natural Solutions + Roller Bottle Kit:
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