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Hello, and thank you for visiting! 

I honor the prompting you felt to come here to inquire about natural health, whether it be for yourself or someone dear to you. 

Natural Health is so close to my heart, and has been brewing inside of me for over a decade! Truth be told, getting back to the roots my grandmother instilled in me for natural modalities has been a journey of discovery and surprising results! Through my coaching services, you get to tap into these 10 years of stockpiled tips, tricks, research and experiences. 

Through detoxifying our home, starting with food and then cleaning supplies, I learned how plants have powerful healing properties. We use the extracts, called essential oils, for everything from cooking to cleaning to emotional processing. Detoxifying our old ways of life has been a baby step process, and has proven to be a life changer.

I have helped hundreds of people like you, start this journey, too. Let me be your guide, you courageous, brave, incredible human! I am thrilled to have you here.

Send me a message letting me know why you came, I can't wait to chat with you.

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